Celebs love cap toe pumps!

Oh and so do I. I’ve seen a few in pastel colours and nude at both Cotton On and Mr Price. It’s going to be the look for Summer 2012!


Top cap brogue available at Mr Price – R89.99



If I were a boy

I’m gradually tuning my intuitive fashion antennae to the right signal. I’ve never really been one to keep on par with fashion trends. I’m actually quite oblivious to trend alerts initiated by celebs and idolised fashion icons. Which explains why I caught onto the androgynous fashion trend so late. Yes I’m inexcusably delayed.

So for you who doesn’t know what trend this is, take a look at the picture below.

Yeah, the bow tie, tuxedo jackets and buttoned up shirts. It has a unisex feel. It’s a very sexy, classy and clean-cut. I’ve recently jumped onto the wagon but it turns out that this look has been around for DAYS.. so I’m seriously delayed but I don’t care. LOL!

Transform into a beautiful white swan… yeah really!

Ok so I’m embarking on a mission to reinvent myself and my look. I often get lost in looking after my baby girl that I hardly make time to shop for myself.

I will use this platform as my mirror and fashion journal. Share stuff i’ve found, bought and in the process get assistance on how to put different styles together in order to get a beautiful chic look.

I have never been the fashion kind of girl but I’m slowly evolving. This is going to be fun.

Love & light.. xoxo

P.S. I need to find this bag!