Motivation where art thou?

Screams of frustration yank me out of bed every morning.  There’s no time for sleep. I have to go out and bang on doors of opportunity so that I can be propelled into the wonderful world of milk and honey.  I have to constantly work on myself to ensure that I’m the best of the pack and that not matter what, I will succeed. Yes, I psyche myself up every morning. I picture optimism as a person .. a friend .. I grab my friend by the hand and strut my stuff. I tell myself I’m assertive, I have overflowing potential and I will make it. And then the day starts and I open my Gmail hopeful that one application was successful.

“Dear Miss Mokhou,

We regret to inform you…” then I stop reading and delete.

or “Dear Thato,

After much consideration we regret to inform you that we will not be considering you for this position.”

Seriously??!!… I hear the screams again!

I call this what’s-the-point-of-getting-degrees-if-you’re-not-going-to-get-the-job syndrome.  This is then exacerbated by the fact that the one job that my degree managed to get me is the bane of my existence. Hence a new job will do the trick. Of course I want it to be new and shiny with nice benefits but it should be exactly what I want to pursue. In that way there will be longevity, opportunity to learn and face challenges head on. It will then feed my energies and my passion and finally unleash a monster of a genius. Yes I believe that. I believe in myself and that once I find that one thing that sets my bomb off then it’s over. Brilliance will prevail! (This is such a Pinky and the Brain moment.. “Same thing we do everyday Pinky.. Try to take over the world!”)

Pop my bubble and let’s get back to reality. I have emotional outbursts sometimes and they’re usually caused by my job. I am unmotivated, I am bored, I am not being challenged and I am dying.. a slow death. It’s such poison when you’re stuck in a place that does nothing for you. It’s bad because it stifles your growth and stagnates you. I’m hungry for change. So where do I find motivation in this darkness? How do I keep myself going while stuck in this rut?

Well I take initiative and look for opportunities. Keep my head held high and excel in what I do until I find way out. In fantasy, this is so easy to pull off but reality states otherwise.  Truth is trying to change jobs without having several winters’ worth of experience means that I’m in for a tough battle.

The problem is exacerbated by regurgitated advice that’s plastered on every career guiding websites and blogs.  I therefore make it a mission to find little gems of information that I can use to help me stand out when employers are sifting through CVs.  And although I apply the suggestions, it’s still difficult.

I’ve opted to cut out the middle man i.e. HR and approach the professionals that are quite high up in the digital media industry.   I have a better chance of making them see my competency than an HR manager. I’m able to show them that I have the skills, ability and potential despite my lack of experience.  This might be a good strategy but it still doesn’t guarantee anything.

I’ve also gotten myself involved with projects on the side which will allow me to build my repertoire thus placing me in a favourable position for prospective employers. It is important that I remain motivated.  Getting a first job or changing jobs really is difficult so being proactive about getting experience is a brilliant start. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

The job hunt exercise is testing. l get rejected, and it sucks, I might even get rejected over 100 times given the number of CVs I send out daily. The key is to be stubborn enough to keep trying despite how soul destroying it may be. I don’t hear back from most places I reach out to and I often curse and swear, but it’s not worth it, neither is sulking. Reality is I’m up against many other candidates that are also going through the same hellish process, and the less time I spend feeling sorry for myself, the more time I’ll have finding new employer doors to break down.