No revolution yet for SA

I’m going to take a hazardous guess and say that blacks make up 80% of the entire South African population.  70% of that are living below the poverty line and I’ll take a final guess and say almost every individual in that 70% votes for the ANC.

These are the people that the ruling party should be reaching out to.  And if it did then 70% of the country would not be living in poverty.

President Zuma delivered his State of the Nation address and focused it largely on job creation. In creating jobs the government further announced that different agencies dealing with empowering small informal businesses would be amalgamated to create a powerful body set to help those businesses operate optimally.  Its all good that this has been done but rendered useless if it doesnt reach the right people.

Why does the government fail to reach the majority of these poor souls?  It doesnt help that they’re just making futile statements.  If only they could put action to words.

How do you effectively reach the very people that you’re trying to help? How are you getting over the hurdles of language and communication?  A lot of the things which are beneficial for the ailing part of our society get lost in translation.  For instance, information about workshops for informal business owners doesnt reach the relevant people.  Training sessions are usually empty and investments are wasted.

They should shake out of their political elite demeanours, out of corruption and greed and address the real problems in our country.   They cant close their eyes and wish poverty, unemployment and crime away. These things need serious control because they easily spring out of hand.  People retaliate if they dont see their promises met.  It could be through protests, through perpetuating the crime industry or giving birth to more children because they want to hold the government financially and socially accountable.  How will the government stick to their word after the forthcoming municipal elections? Will they finally build more RDP houses?? Will they REALLY create jobs? Will they physically get involved in the development of the informal sector? Will it make sure that funds reach their designated destinations without being pinched by councillors with long hands? Dare ask a government official and all you’d probably get is a long-winded explanation.

Theres no need for baffling.  In fact opposition parties are in the wings waiting to pounce on ANC’s every weakness.  Its amazing how after all weekly reports about corruption within or involving the government, the country still seems to be functioning fairly well.  Besides a few protests within local municipalities, the country seems to be breathing quite fine on it own.

Everything is still afloat considering the looming municipal elections.  While parties will try desperately to win, the ANC is almost sure that it has bagged this year’s victory.  While they celebrate their win, people continue to suffer.  In their delapitated lives they remain discouraged but ANC is their only hope.  ANC is all they know and they dont know better.   They could be the front-runners of a democratic revolution like that in the Arab world if they widened their visions.  Maybe if people stood up against the ANC, things could change.

Transparency, openness and accountability are the principles that are key for good governance.  Luckily ministers such as Pravin Gordhan will implement these ethics effectively.  Perhaps change will seep through the cracks.

The high end of the South African society operates autonomously and could only be bothered about interest rates, nationalisation and the price of oil.  They hardly encounter problems with service delivery etc.. infact they probably couldnt be bothered if people in the townships are rioting.  This is the norm in our country’s society, reality is severely obscured.

Who knows how long change will take.  I only hope for the lives of those in the impoverished areas that it comes soon.  It certainly isnt fair on them.  However, it isnt simple either.


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