Live don’t exist..

Sudden downpours have filled our dams, our rivers and our storm water drains.  The concrete on roads has crumbled in resistance to the rain and deep potholes fill up to look like small ponds.  Newspapers report that lives have been lost in the floods, other people are missing and most are displaced.

2011 is well into its third week and disaster continues to engulf this city called Johannesburg.  The weather bureaux forecast more and more rain while this city that was once close to a drought is now saturated with water.  The residential streams in Centurion and Alexander have flooded their banks. So we dont get natural disasters in South Africa?  I am though immensely grateful that I dont live in a country that is infested with disasters BUT is the country ready to save itself should a disaster occur.  The country cant control how much rain should fall but it can control how many people it saves from drowning.

A couple of months ago there was an outrage that acid mine water from under the ground was rising to the surface of the Witwatersrand.  That water would consequently eat away at concrete buildings in the CBD and leave an enormous whole in many seemingly, solid foundations of Johannesburg’s skyscrapers.  The government and municipal authorities refuted this claim.  Its been raining for weeks now, what’s happened to all that acid water?  Aurora has certainly not pumped any of it out and with the mine belonging to Khulubuse Zuma; Zondwa Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela; and Michael Hulley, Jacob Zuma’s lawyer, I doubt any attention has been directed to the problem and also their employees havent been paid for months! These are sort of people you’d wish they would drown in this floods or get eaten away by acid.  Their habitual greed is disgusting.  They rake in all the money because of their affiliation to the ANC as it is with other corrupt politicians and the rest of the country that thinks that tenderpreneurship is the ultimate pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  While the very people that vote that party into power live in delapitated houses, in pure desperation and watch their lives deteriorate because in those conditions any disease infiltrates.

Our society is messed up, the other side of the fence is filled with socialites that live on expensive alcohol, clothing and hair and cant spell the word authenticity.  They party their lives away and look 60 at 30.  They just exist.  They and bloody ANC politicians dont contribute any brilliance to this country and its potential.  While genuineses like Steve Jobs suffer from bad health; a BEE, black diamond is more interested in the next S-class and a fat steak that is detrimental to his health, he has absolutely nothing to offer to the world except the emptiness in his opulence and unrefined English.  Steve Jobs on the other hand has all the money in the world, has brilliance to offer the world (and brilliance that we do need) but has bad health.  And that magnate from Morningside has the best health but nothing to offer the world.  Its infuriating and also pathetic that people find joy in impressing others and live to be recognized, really? how shallow is that.  Theres so much more depth to the world.

If people could truly open their eyes to their surroundings, they’d see magic in the trees and love in the sunlight.  If they could fine tune their hearing, they’d hear music that offers unending revival. Thats not a fantasy world, that is the nature of the earth that we refuse to listen to, instead we exploit it and exist on it without embracing it.  If people were good to the world, it would reciprocate that goodness.  Dont just exist, engage with the world, be one with it.  If people did this, determined who they really are, there would be no sickness, no killing, no jealousy, no animosity.. Its simple… LIVE, DONT EXIST..


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